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Lyman High School
Lyman School District 42-1
P.O. Box 1000, 201 N. Birch
Presho, SD 57568
School - 605.895.2662
Email: carol.birgen@k12.sd.us

Classes and Schedule

1st Hour9:00 to 9:50

2nd Hour
9:52 to 10:42
Nutrition and Wellness
Nutrition and Wellness course is designed to help students develop eating behaviors that will have a positive affect on their current and future lifestyles. This is a semester long course. It addresses the South Dakota standards for Nutrition and Wellness
3rd Hour
10:45 - 11:34
Personal Finance
Personal Finance is a required course for Freshman at Lyman High School. It meets the graduation requirement for Personal Finance and addresses these content standards.
4th Hour
11:36 to 12:24
World History
This course is required for Sophomore students at Lyman High School. It meets the graduation requirement for World History and addresses these South Dakota Content Standards.
5th Hour
12:55 to 1:46
Skills for Parenting
Skills for Parenting is a one semester course. Effective parenting is important in nurturing children to become healthy, caring, contributing citizens. Parenting involves meeting the basic physical, emotional, intellectual, and social needs of the child. This course addresses the South Dakota Skills for Parenting Standards.
6th Hour
1:48 to 2:38

Tech Coordinator / Tech Integration
7th Hour
2:40 to 3:30

Tech Coordinator / Tech Integration