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Current EventsLyman High School

Instructor: Carol Birgen
Email: carol.birgen@k12.sd.us

Required Materials: You will need a folder to organize materials and assignments, pens, pencils and paper. Please bring this with you to class.

Course Description: Current Events is a year long course in Social Sciences. Current Events will help students explore events and issues occurring in the world around them. Global, national, state and local issues will be reviewed. Students will have the opportunity to examine the impact of events on them personally as well as society as a whole. Through completion of Current Events, students will be able to:
êIdentify and evaluate sources of news and public information.
êDetermine the impact of issues and events on personal lives.
êExplore possible actions and reactions for global, national state and local events.

Course Requirements:
Internet usage permission: Computer and internet technology will be used extensively in class. Please return your signed computer use permission forms by Monday, August 23. If you parent/guardian does not wish you to use computers or the internet, please have them contact me, so alternative assignments may be arranged.

Reading: Students may read from a variety of sources such as the ‘UpFront” News Magazine, other magazines, news papers and internet.

Attendance / Participation: It is a fact that students who attend school demonstrate higher levels of achievement. If you miss school / class, it is your responsibility to obtain the materials or notes. Class materials will be posted on Ms. Birgen’s wikispace or other designated location in the class room. Students may access these materials by going to http://cbirgen.wikispaces.com/Current+Events

Class Discussion and Participation: Students are expected to actively participate in class discussions and assignment whether they are graded or not.

Class Projects: Class projects will include but not be limited to power point presentations, photo story, posters, oral reports, news anchor, ‘Someone You Should Know’ and other. Class time is always provided to work on projects or assignments.

Honesty Policy: It is expected that students will complete their own assignments, quizzes and projects. Cheating, assisting others outside of the scope of an assignment or ‘copy and paste’ of others work is not acceptable. Penalties may include: a grade of zero on the quiz, project or assignment, or points deducted on the assignment.

Grading: The uniform Lyman grading scale will be used. Students will be assessed as follows:

Daily Participation
Attendance, class behavior, participation in class work, and general attitude.
Daily Work
Quality of self and group evaluations, reactions, quality and completion of daily assignments
Quality of written and oral presentations and finished projects
Unit tests and quizzes
Semester Test
If required, semester test score