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Senior Capstone Resources
Chester Senior Experience
CTE Capstone
For student access, wikispaces will create student user names and passwords.

Movie Curriculums
Free Rice
Free Rice is an interactive vocabulary quiz site. You are given a word and need to select the correct synanym from the choices given. If you answer it correctly, the next questions will be more difficult. For every correct answer, 10 grains of rice is donated to feed the hungry. So you learn while you help give to world hunger.

Fit Day
Fitday is an online food diary, journal and analysis tool. Record food intake, analyze nutitional value, track weight goals, mood and journal.
You must create a user account and must be or 'role play' 18 years of ag

Portaportal is a web based bookmarking utility that lets you store links to your favorite websites.

This is a current events website but is a great source for news stories. Many are archived and you can search by subject. Best yet, its free!


A Slide Share presentation of ideas for using a Wordle by Jen Wagner:
Ways to Use Wordle

Sample Wordle


Ideas for using 'Wordle' as a teaching strategy.


  • all about me collage
  • collage of 25 values
  • identifying the 30 most important words to review
  • Give a presentation to the class using only a Wordle for 'notes'
  • Analyze the nutritional content of weekly food intake or intake from food diary. (Rodd Lucifer, The CleverSheepBlogspot.com)
  • Create personalized book cover
  • What Childhood means to me collage
  • Review a concept or unit, for example The Holocaust

Teacher - Create a Wordle
  • with terms to introduce a concept
  • Create a Wordle with an article about the topic being studying, use it as an anticipatory / motivation strategy.
  • Compare and contrast two accounts/essays/articles by making two Wordles

Wordle Article:


Google Docs and other things Google - click on more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Google Squared

Check out the State Library

State Library
Use barcode from personal library card or school barcode and password (personal card - last name is password)
Click on 'For Library and School Users'
  • SIRS - Full Text Artilces - never blocked, safe
    • Trade journals to popular magazines, etc.
    • Leading Issues
    • Curriculum Pathfinder
  • Learning Express Library - each student must have user account (use state email?)
    • Job Search and Workplace Skills
    • Career Course - Resumes
    • E Books
  • World Book and World Book Discover
    • Life Skills Center
    • For Educators
    • World Book Reference Center

Movie Guides

From Carol Erwin: