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Fight Bac
USDA Food Safety

Mise en Place - online text

Nutrition and Wellness online text

My Plate Physical Activity

What is Physical Activity
Physical Activity - Getting Started
Physical Activity - Definition of Cardio

Understanding Eating Disorders

Video link - Understanding Eating Disorders


Video - Osteoporosis

Preparing Dairy Products

Guidelines for Safe Consumption of Milk Products

Understanding Food Labeling

The Food Label

Microwave Oven video

My Plate

Food Preparation

Kitchen Fundamental Video

Table Setting and Etiquette

Table Setting 101

Emily Post

Video - How to Set a Classic Dinner Table

Wellness Resources

Food and Nutrition Education Resources

Body Mass Index Calculator

Eating Disorder Links:

Anorexia and Eating Disorders site

National Eating Disorders

Something Fishy site

Eating Disorders video

Guidelines for Centerpieces

Food Safety Video

Baking as a Form of Food Preparation

Video - The Chemistry of Cooking

Review the following power point and create a web diagram to illustrate this information. You may use graphic organizer tool or other mapping software. Save it to 'Student Share- Birgen - Nutirtion and Wellness. Be prepared to present and explain the ingredients and their functions to the class tomorrow (Tuesday, September 10).

Kitchen terms galme

How Food Cooks / Microwave Food Preparation

Table Manners and Etiquette

My Plate

Choose My Plate

Yeast Breads

Yeast Bread Video

Food Safety

Spoiled Rotten video

Portion Distortion

Attitdes and Opinions

Portion Distortion Link

Table setting and etiquette

Table setting video

Table setting info

Egg Safety Link

Fruit and Vegetable Websearch link.

Cooking Terms
The Food Label