Formative Feedback Strategy.

In Unit 5 I described how I use Quia for assessment, usually as end of unit quizzes but also for interactive activities. I recently used Quia for a quiz for a World History unit on the Reformation and Renaissance. After students take the quiz, I personally review the results and then take the students through the quiz using the smartboard. This activity actually works as a follow assessment and points out areas where students may still not get it.

I think use this information to determine if we need to retrace our steps or to help me evaluate which learning activities seem to be most effective in helping the students.
For example did students seem to have a better grasp of the knowledge where they did a project or a web search? It also helps me determine whether or not the quiz was the best assessment to use? Sometimes that which you assess on a quiz does not represent the breadth of a students knowledge or their ability to communicate that knowledge.

This is my 'Guided Inquiry' activity. Students are to create a travel brochure for 'time travel' through the periods of the Renassiance and Reformation.