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Required Materials: Modern World History text provided by Lyman High School. You will need to obtain a folder for organizing materials, pens, pencils, paper. You will be required to bring these materials to class each and everyday.

Course Description: World History is a semester long required course. It meets in part your graduation requirement for Social Sciences. The course addresses South Dakota World History Content Standards beginning with the historical period of the Renaissance and continuing to the present day.

Course Requirements:

Internet usage permission: Computer and internet technology will be used extensively in class. Please return your signed computer use permission forms by Monday, August 23. If you parent/guardian does not wish you to use computers or the internet, please have them contact me, so alternative assignments may be arranged.

Reading: There may be reading assignments from the text and other materials. Students are expected to read the assignment before they attend class. The purpose of these assignments is to provide a background for class discussions.

Attendance / Participation: It is a fact that students who attend school demonstrate higher levels of achievement. If you miss school / class, it is your responsibility to obtain the materials or notes. Class materials will be posted on Ms. Birgen’s wikispace or other designated location in the class room. Students may access these materials by going to http://cbirgen.wikispaces.com/World+History

Quizzes / Tests: Quizzes / tests may be given at the end of each chapter via the internet or the Smart Board using an Personal Interactive Response System.

Class Discussion and Participation: Students are expected to actively participate in class discussions and assignment whether they are graded or not.

Class Projects: Class projects will include but not be limited to chapter power point presentations, CNN Reports television program, and bio boards and technology related activities.

Honesty Policy: It is expected that students will complete their own assignments, quizzes and projects. Cheating, assisting others outside of the scope of an assignment or ‘copy and paste’ of others work is not acceptable. Penalties may include: a grade of zero on the quiz, project or assignment, or points deducted on the assignment.

Vocabulary: Each chapter will have a vocabulary assignment. One point is earned per vocabulary definition. Vocabulary assignments will be due by the day of the quiz or date provided.

Grading: The uniform Lyman grading scale will be used. Students will be assessed as follows:

Daily Participation
Attendance, class behavior, participation in class work, and general attitude.
Daily Work
Quality of self and group evaluations, reactions, quality and completion of daily assignments
Quality of written and oral presentations and finished projects
Unit tests and quizzes
Semester Test
If required, semester test score


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World War I

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World War I article -- 'The War to End All Wars'


Complete each of the parts of this webquest linked below. Copy the questions into a word document and then type in your answers. Submit your completed webquest into 'Student Share, Presho, Birgen, World History. Follow directions are each individual web quest.

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The Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution


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